Midmark Canis Major Wet Lift Table


Midmark Canis Major Wet Lift Table   Ex Demo 1x only available.

Ideal if you have back injuries or if static tables don’t suit your needs. Lowers to 24cm to minimise lifting. Lifts quietly and smoothly up to 111 cm. Sealed units ensure very quiet operation.

 Shallow wet tub ideal for all treatment and dental procedures. Temperature-controlled spray head reaches beyond the table for complete coverage and easy clean-up. Removable hair trap for easy maintenance.

 Built in scale accurate down to 50 grams. Load capacity 136 kilos. 196 cm L x 76 cm W x 153 cm H

 Connections for simple installation to water and drain.

 Ex-demo model $12,500 + gst

Weight: 0.00 kg


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